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    An understated and elegant collection characterised by it's highly sought after details such as the matte finish of the bottles and the eco friendly cap, made from bio based recyclable plastics and FSC wood inclusion derived from renewable sugar cane sources. The image is made contemporary by the addition of vintage motifs of varying textures which we find repeated on the soap packaging, on the dispensers and on the practical kits. A collection that is recognisable through it's packaging; via the label customers are informed in a clear and transparent way of the fundamental role they play, on a daily basis, in sustainable development through their own choices.


    De Rerum Natura is a poem, written by the Roman philosopher Titus Lucretius Carus in the 1st Century BC. With the same purpose of narrating “the nature of things”, The Rerum Natura is the definition of a cosmetic collection inspired by authentic preparations.

    All cosmetics In The Rerum Natura range have obtained the organic certification COSMOS. This certification process has been undertaken by GFL in order to offer a final product capable of marking a new frontier of superior standard and innovation. A Cosmos certified organic formula is guaranteed by one of the most respected certification bodies worldwide.

    Only pure botanical essential oils have been selected to create the clean fragrance of all The Rerum Natura Cosmetics. Distilled from aromatic plants, their intense perfume is preserved for pure well-being. This unique fragrance is blended into each of our nurturing and gentle formulas which help restore skin’s health and natural beauty.



    The Rerum Natura is a collection of cosmetics formulated and developed to be effective but in respect of the skin and the environment, with the guarantee of Cosmos organic certification. All cosmetics are rich in organic ingredients and formulated according to the most severe standards in terms of sustainability. The Rerum Natura cosmetics are conceived as a masterful composition of ingredients, therefore the use of the article “the” is intensifying each denomination. We have studied a range of cleansers, specific creams, soaps and gift packs that capture its soul and communicate its philosophy thanks to an innovative and natural design.